About Steel Pro

SteelPro Industrial Fabrication & Services 100% Canadian

Manufacturing and Finishing Plant 1636 Allanport Rd. Thorold, ON

Our Facility is over 35,000 sq. ft. Complete with the equipment to fabricate carbon steel and alloy materials including, six overhead cranes.

Contact: 905.384.1222 services@steelpro.ca

For many years Steelpro has been providing local industry with quality service in fabrication, structural steel, plate work, including overhead cranes and related installations, process equipment, tanks and turn-key operations

Our modern building occupies approximately over 35,000 sq ft and is complete with all equipment required to fabricate all of our customer requirements including, 6 overhead cranes, application of specialty coatings, media blasting, maintenance and repairs on and off site

Steelpro employs qualified people with the skills to perform any of our customer needs from the smallest and simplest to the most complex requirement

Our plant and related employees are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau including the necessary welding procedures. Click here to view our certificate.